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Managed IT

A Managed Service Provider is your IT maestro, orchestrating services with flair—whether proactively or precisely when needed. We're the tech virtuosos ensuring seamless performance for your business.



Our Services:

Our comprehensive approach to IT support creates predictability within your network, automates processes, and ensures systems are not only scalable, but also facilitate your company’s growth goals. You receive access to our monitoring and management tools, ticketing system, and your cloud-based IT documentation. 

PCI DSS Compliance Assurance:
Ensure your business meets and exceeds PCI DSS standards, safeguarding credit card information through meticulous implementation of the 12 requirements for defense-in-depth.

Efficient E-Mail Management:
Manage the ever-expanding volume of corporate emails effortlessly with ELECTRON's hosted and non-hosted e-mail services.

Data Storage and Disaster Recovery Solutions:
Safeguard your critical data with our tailored Data Storage and Disaster Recovery solutions.

System Reengineering and Optimization: 
From system setup and purchasing guidance to network administration and training, we specialize in streamlining processes for improved performance.

Comprehensive Network Assessments:
We evaluate the performance of your systems, offering insights and recommendations to optimize network administration, training, repair, and overall efficiency.


401 E 8th Street, Suite 214-9004
Sioux Falls, SD 57103

Phone: 605-954-3050

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